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    Franciscan Fine Arts Festival

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    Franciscan fine arts fest

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    Center for Spiritual Living

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Happy summer. I hope it is treating you well with calm weather.  Here in southern New Mexico it has been a brutal summer with a month straight of over 100 degree temps and unrelenting sun. I’m home for a short while after making my way over to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee then home before heading up to Lawrence, KS then Chicago for a couple festivals. Lots of driving through beautiful country when it wasn’t raining like crazy. Many other area gigs as well as leading workshops and my speaking gigs as Rev. Randy at Unity, UU and Centers for Spiritual Living. I love it all! 

In the meantime I was contacted by our local PBS station KRWG about filming a short feature for a program called Living Here highlighting people of interest in the Mesilla Valley where I live. I had filmed the first episode of their series Music Spotlight years ago. I was their guinea pig so to speak. You can find it online. I think Christian Valle did a great job putting the episode together with music, footage, photos and interview. Here it is. Tell me what you think.

 I’ve been approached about another episode of Music Spotlight. I’m very appreciative of their interest. I never expect it and am always humbled. This Sunday I will play another Full-Moon Concert at White Sands National Monument. I’ve been doing full-moon concerts there for a number of years and it is always an adventure. The first year I rode in the back of one of the ranger’s little truck to get two wooden palettes for my stage. We’ve had many more adventures and have bonded over them. In the past there has been over 1800 people attending and a forty-five minute line to get in from the highway. Just bring a cooler, blankie or chair and chill. It is a perfect, spiritual setting for my music. I feel so privileged.

 I’ll also be at the New Mexico State fair in September again at the Indian Village along with Pickamania at Black Range Lodge, Heart of the Desert Winery, Franciscan Arts fest and back to Sweetgrass Native American flute school and Art and Music Fest in Hiawatha, IA. I love it there so much and feel honored to be a part. After that I’ll be back in Joplin, MO and a house concert in Lawrence. My website calendar should have all the details. I sometimes fall behind updating when I’m on the road and driving 10 hours a day.

 And finally, I was contacted by A&E. They were looking for local musicians for the show The Osbournes which was coming through southern New Mexico where I live. I was asked to send in an audition video. I play the Native American flute so went looking for an Ozzy or Sabbath song to cover. I chose "The Wizard" and adapted it to the drone flute. They liked it and wanted to film me when they came through. However, they also weren't sure of the date which caused some conflicts unfortunately. I had to take a gig in Tucson I had contracted for. It was a tough choice but a contract is a contract and I have a pretty serious work ethic.

Well, turns out they did come through and the episode aired--without me sadly. So much for my fifteen minutes. Here it is.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the road. I’m always up for adding a House Concert to my travels. Check out how to do it and feel free to contact me. I post many of my touring photos on Instagram and my Facebook page so please follow me there. I



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