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  • Sep 25

    Sweetgrass Native Flute School Prariewoods Spirituality Center


  • Sep 26

    Sweetgrass Native Flute school Prariewoods Spirituality Center


  • Sep 27

    Sweetgrass Flute School Prairiewoods


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It is always surprising that civilians (non-musicians) don't think that professional musicians don't have actual car payments, credit card debt, utilities, rent, mortgage, medical etc. I've had people argue with me that since I get to do what I love that I can't really have bills or problems. I'm being serious. It's a symptom of how we've objectified and idealized those we consider celebrities, famous or popular. Yes, we have real bills, expenses and no safety net, nest egg, giant safe filled with gold bars hidden in our yards somewhere. I wish. 

As I walked through it was as if I could hear every story at once. Each piece, clothing, instrument, pot, Katsinas, jewelry all were talking to me and I felt such strong emotion. Mostly, wistful and sadness as I walked through giving silent acknowledgments. I think my dreams were premonitions and the ancestors came through with anticipation that I was going there. Often people will tell me they see my ancestors with me when I perform and they are open to seeing it.


I hear from listeners frequently how they use my music as their loved ones are passing or going through chemo like this recent Facebook post. "I am a counselor. Client's last visit today before hospice. Your music on Pandora in my office. She says those are the sounds i want to take me to Heaven. :)).

“Part of the adventure was to create adjectives for your music. After looking at the photo I came (of the dancers) the adjective I found most descriptive was ‘magical," said choreographer Mei Ling McKay. 

Granger “is a native New Mexican of indigenous ancestry,” according to the website. “He is a master of various instruments, combining Native American flute with musical traditions encompassing rock, jazz, mariachi, and more. Based in Las Cruces, he tours the U.S. as a solo musician and teacher.”


Granger is his shadow, giving color and flavor to the story with a cigar-box guitar, a double flute, bowls, bottles and many other wind and percussion instruments – and silence. Separately and together, they weave a rich tapestry that is wonder and magic for the eye, the ear and the heart.

Whether you’re a new performing musician running your own sound through a battery operated amp, a seasoned touring pro with a crew or, like myself, a touring seasoned pro who mostly runs his own sound, one thing is for certain—you must have a good sound check! The actual engineering of a thorough sound check could fill a book, and it does, I want to offer a few tips from my decades of experience.


"...Within each performance, there is incredible stillness and reflection and yet, the album is deeply inspired and threaded with sincere feeling. If you have enjoyed and followed the work of R. Carlos Nakai, Marina Raye or Mark Holland, this is a must-have seasonal gem." 
"Tamara Turner, CD Baby

Starting November 30, 2015 (Cyber Monday) at 12AM and running through December 4th at 11:59PM, we’ll take the hit on shipping costs to encourage my fans to buy more of my CDs from my distributor, CD Baby. It doesn’t matter if you order 1 CD or 100, standard shipping — domestic AND international — will be  TOTAL. And of course, we’ll still be shipping these CDs for you to get them in time for the holidays!

As I am of Native American ancestry I especially feel it important to be included in this genre. While Native American is as much about spirit as ancestry, I also respect that as Natives, we share a common experience that hasn’t always ended well for us. That we endure is testament to our resilience and spirit. Aho!

Experience offers appreciation I’ve found. You have to choose this lifestyle and those who’ve come before didn’t have it any easier. I‘m most grateful when the host, organizer or venue has put thought and energy in the concert of festival. Anything that I don’t have to attend to allows me to focus on the music and performance........

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