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  • Aug 31

    Franciscan Fine Arts Festival

    Mesilla Park

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    Franciscan fine arts fest

    Mesilla Park

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    Center for Spiritual Living

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I hope this update finds everyone healthy and well as can be. What an incredibly hot summer it has been here in southwestern New Mexico and the Borderlands area. We’ve had weeks of over 100 degree temps as high as 113 here. The fact that we are around 4,000ft above sea level means we really experience those UV rays.

I’ve been very busy on the road and performing locally as well including with my friend Jake Mossman for his Flamenco Friday series. What a blast to play with the 12/8 rhythms and different forms of Flamenco like Tangos etc. Also I drummed with my friends for our First Friday Ramble art walk earlier this month. I always enjoy drumming, my first instrument from time I bought a 50cent pair of drumsticks when I was 5 or 6.

While we were drumming I was incognito as it were with dark shades and a big hat. We had a good time drumming in front of the Art Y Mas studio and gallery. People would walk up, however, and begin talking to me and asking question after question. That is fine except that it was in the middle of a song. This isn’t the first time or last that has happened. I’m never sure what to say to people other than that I will talk to them when I am done? That hasn’t worked. It is a trend and reflects the idea that artists, musicians etc. aren’t actually “working” when they see us. We are friends. We are, and we are usually trying to concentrate. I posted on facebook and the comments were typical from non-musicians. Some other artists chimed in with their similar stories. Some were funny others involved someone taking a swing at a flute player, interrupting on stage, complaining to management etc. I’ve been there. So, dear friends, when you see this happening to us feel free to intervene and explain, one listener to the other, that we are “working here” and whatever pressing question they have can wait till we are done and that we are more than happy to speak then.

I’m heading on the road up the Midwest again. Honored to be performing again the World of Faeries Festival in S. Elgin, IL, Tribal Stomp in Chicago, teaching a workshop, performing a concert and for the Sunday service for my return at Unity of Joplin and another house concert at my lovely friend Jeanne’s home in West Des Moines. Then I head back to New Mexico for a Drumming and Movement workshop for music educators and a private political fundraiser in Placitas, NM.

In the meantime finishing recording tracks for upcoming new album, which I am so excited about. Doing my best to fit it in amidst touring and performing. Here is a new track from it called “Prana” which is exclusively on my Bandcamp page. Please download it for a small fee. I get about $1.50 of that $2.00.

Hope to see some of you out there at my shows, festivals etc. I sure appreciate all of you. Wish me well. You can always check my Calendar for details. 



Some upcoming performances/workshops festivals
Unity of Joplin, Workshop and Concert MO July 29/30
House Concert” West Des Moines, IA Aug. 3
World of Faeries Fest S. Elgin, IL Aug. 5/6
Tribal Stomp Chicago, IL Aug. 5
Workshop Las Cruces, NM Aug. 9 & 12
Private Fundraiser Placitas, NM Aug. 17

www.randygranger.net for details.


July 23, 2017 @08:37 pm Can't wait to see you and absorb your beautiful music! Safe travels. The Midwest awaits you with open arms! Beautiful new song. Kathy Pierson

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