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Greetings from windy New Mexico in the springtime. I just returned from the Voyager Southwest Flute festival in Tucson. I was teaching, headlining and had a vendor table. It was a great time as always and I really love teaching. My workshops were well attended with enthusiastic flute students. I taught about the Circle of 5ths and playing with other instruments and another class on Taking your Flute Playing to the next level. Both were fun and from the feedback folks seemed to get something out of them. I’ve played at this festival for many years and they do a good job of putting it together. Seeing my friends is always nice. I invited Zach Farley and Tim Gomez on stage with me for “A Wayfaring Stranger” which is below.

In my workshop

Randy Granger on Stage

On another note I’m sorry to report that my dad passed on last week in Lubbock, TX where he was at the hospital. He was living in Hobbs, NM. I grew up in Hobbs and as a boy would travel with my dad for his work as a general contractor instead of pre-school. As we drove round in a pick-up truck or “a chevy pick-up plane” as the lyric says, he would get me to sing along to the country music he enjoyed. I think even then he was grooming me to be a singer. We spent so much time in motels and truck stops. I still do that on the road in fact. He was a very hard worker and built his cement company up from nothing earning his general contractor’s license when he was twenty-one. https://www.chapelofhopefunerals.com/memorialpage.asp?page=odetail&id=101416&locid=16&fbclid=IwAR1We8kUsx0DZ7WBCVBOjDUlFzsxubpNcfv-bZLLZ0epiXaOY9WtxkxsxqM

The story goes that he quit school in the eighth grade to help support the large family and grew up very poor doing agricultural work hoeing weeds and such with his siblings. He was a philosopher and was always learning something new and completed the Dale Carnegie course on public speaking. He endured much racism and prejudice all his life and taught us how to survive that experience and I remind people often of what my parents had to endure and how they overcame so many challenges to become successful professionals. I am very proud of their accomplishments. They nurtured and endured my music pursuits in choir and band etc. always being supportive and showing up to shows even after they had divorced. My life would be much different if I hadn’t joined band in Jr. high school. It was a challenging childhood and I’m glad I survived to thrive.



A Wayfaring Stranger at Voyager Southwest Flute Fest


April 17, 2019 @04:13 am Thinking of you, with love, and warm regards. As always, my heart goes with you. Renee'
April 14, 2019 @04:27 pm Your dad lives on with everything you do and every moment you live. Nicolas L Morgan
April 13, 2019 @10:13 am Since being inspired by you at the Voyager Flute Fest, I have been playing Wayfaring Stranger on my Am flute as I listen to your video (with you, Timothy JP Gomez and Zach Farley). With youtube I am playing my Am flute with Johnny Cash, on my Fm flute with Ed Sheehan and on my Cm flute with Trace Adkins all singing Wayfaring Stranger. What a hoot! I am so happy that you come to Tucson to be with all of us and share your gifts. Cha, Cha, Cha!!! Miigwech. Rosalyn Vier
April 12, 2019 @09:51 pm I have no great words of wisdom. I just wanted to say that your blog touches me. Obviously, I can't feel what you are feeling, however, having lost my Daddy less than two years ago and a very dear friend last month at La Posada, I have some idea of what those feelings entail. Bless you Randy. Judy Jarrett Sexton

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