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Well I've been on the road a week now for my Hug the Gulf Tour. I left around 3AM last Friday for the gruelling 13.5hr drive to north Houston, the town of Spring. I was in town to do an all-day workshop and concert and it was a blast. I love teaching of course and performing is the reward. Had ten folks in my workshop and a great turnout of around 27 at my concert. On this tour I've had children, teenagers, graduate students etc as well as elders. I love it all. 

A friend of mine lost her sister recently and there was a memorial outside of Houston Sunday. Her sis in law was in home hospice too so it was a combo life celebration and living wake. I had met both of them. I wanted to say by to T and knew she was close to transitioning. It was a lovely day in the woods near a lake and forest land. We sat outside ate bbq chicken and potato salad. They were just ordinary folks like what I grew up around and I felt right at home. Even though I was a honored guest I downplayed my role and mostly asked questions. I prefer to never be the center of attention unless I am working. T passed a couple of days later. Before I left I picked up a dusty, out of tune guitar and sang "Hallelujah" for T from my record Pura Vida. Many tears and release. It's what music does. I was glad I could be there and had a down day.

It's been raining since I hit San Antonio and today as I sit in a cafe in Orange Park, FL it's about to rain again. Not fun to drive through the blinding rain. My friend Sandy and her husband, my hosts in Texas, took me to eat crawfish and grilled oysters and Jimmy G's and it was phenomenal. When I tour I make it a point to try and eat what is regional and local. I post photos on my Instagram account often to please go follow me there. https://www.instagram.com/lonegranger/ 

A friend from my high school showed up with his wife to the workshop and concert. It was great to see them as well as new friends and old. Wednesday night I did a house concert in Moselle, MS near Hattiesburg. It was a blast. Last time I did one there it rained and we had to move everything to the front covered porch. Whew. It rained on and off this time but cleared in time fortunately. My hosts are just the most awesome, generous people and the turnout was close to 45. All ages like I said. Last night I performed at Moosehaven City of Contentment in Orange Park, FL in their beautiful chapel to around 65 folks. It rained and rained and rained. But they bravely road their motorized bikes. I had a great time and the thunder and rain (same as in Spring) was a lovely soundtrack. A hawk was outside in the grass and I felt it was a confirmation as the Hawk is one of my totem animals.

I'm heading to Leesburg, FL for a workshop and concert at the Leesburg Center for the Arts. The Orlando Sentinel did an interview and story about it. They are Florida's most read paper online and in print. Impressive. Here is the story which is also included in my "Press" section of my website. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/lake/os-lk-leesburg-center-arts-randy-granger-20160518-story.html  

The reporter started off asking me what I would say is the difference between spirituality and religiosity? I said I would prefer to talk about my music. I've been doing this a while and find that you really need to control the direction of interviews if you can, answer only what is asked and then shut up. Let me know what you think about the article. I haven't had a single moment to download photos from my gigs to my laptop but I will. Mostly, I've been driving and driving and driving. Yesterday I left Moselle at 5:45AM and arrived in Orange Lake around 4PM. I barely remembered there was a time change to EST. Yikes. 

Thank you for showing up to my shows. It is so rewarding to meet you and hear your stories. Thank you for sharing my stuff on social media too. 


Crowd filing into the chapel and Moosehaven City of Contentment. About 65 folks came in the rain.


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