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 Attention: My new Handpan was stolen from my car June 3rd while I was in Albuquerque for the Albuquerque Folk Festival. APD is working on the case I'm hoping and praying. Friends are keeping an eye out. I had recorded to new songs with it. If you would like to donate to help me replace the pan and car window please do via PayPal. First click here to get my paypal address which is my email and hidden to avoid robospam. You go to the PayPal website, Click the SEND tab at top of page. There you will use my email address to send money to a "friend or family member" to avoid fees for either of us. Any amount helps. I can't use the DONATE button unless I have a 5013c status and paperwork filed with paypal. More info on my blog. Thank you. Blessings --Randy





NEWS FLASH:  Desert Dreaming EP won an Indian Summer Music Award (ISMA) in Milwaukee, WI. Desert Dreaming by Randy Granger's alias Lone Granger has won in the "Spiritual" category for "Shaman's Dancing" Desert Dreaming had beennominated in two categories. What an honor.  Order Desert Dreaming in my online store or iTunes. 


 Honored to be a part of the Albuquerque Folks Festival this Saturday June 3rd. Check for info on my Calendar and the Abq folk fest website


 As heard on Music from the Hearts of Space, or HOS, the #2 contemporary Music program on public radio in station carriage. Program 1089, "Twilight Mesa"  

Ancient Grace now Live on Pandora Radio, Sirius "Soundscapes" and Live on Stations worldwide. To request promotional packet for your station or Podcast please email.  

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Cover Photo by  Robert Yee Productions

Welcome. Randy Granger is a Southwest World, contemporary Native American musician is an innovative, award-winning singer-songwriter, composer, recording artist, storyteller, performer and educator. A native of New Mexico. An acoustic musician, Granger is a multi-instrumentalist and lifelong musician, singer-songwriter and noted singer with a sound that is engaging, emotive and referred to as "transportive" and "healing" by listeners, music writers, music programmers and Hospice/assisted living staff where he has volunteered for over a decade. A full-time, professional musician, he is available for any number of performance engagements. See his Booking page for information. 

He's been featured on NPR's All Things Considered in a feature liked "Like water over bells,PBS Television Music Spotlight, numerous radio, TV, live appearances, Hearts of Space, SIRIUS Soundscapes, Pandora Radio,, satellite and terrestrial stations around the World. The New Mexico Music Commission produced a  segment on Granger's Music for broadcast and Youtube. He has also been a guest musician for The Moth. Recently, The BBC4 "Today" program used his music, "Osage" for an interview with NY Times bestselling author David Grann. 

Granger's acoustic-based music blends Native American & World flutes, ethereal instruments like the PANArt Hang, emotive, "Josh Grobin" like vocals, world percussion. A dynamic solo performer Granger and multi-instrumentalist, he headlines many festivals and concerts around the US. Often he performs with other musicians easily. Granger is a lifelong musician, performer and teacher having played professionally with Jazz combos, sang with opera companies as the lead, worked as a Mariachi and Cowboy singer, paid soloist and in bands. His story telling, engaging delivery and entertaining performance brings many a return engagement. Many fans report a mystical, almost spiritual experience during his shows and concerts. 

Venues like the Gathering of Nations, Sundance Film festival, the Rothko Chapel, Native Rhythms, Santa Fe Indian Market, White Sands National Monument, Yoga studios, Churces and community concert series along with workshop/concerts combinations are Granger's regular rotation of touring with more being added each year. He's performed with Grammy winners like R. Carlos Nakai, Coyote Oldman and the top recording artists and performers in the genre. 

Granger's music is recognized by music programmers in a Lifestyle Award for broadcast as well as consistently appearing in the top 15-25 chart placements according to Zone music and NewAgeMagazine. He's an ISMA winner, NAMMY nominee as well as winner of multiple music awards for songwriting and recording. 


 Deep Peace to You from Strong Medicine





Randy Granger video for Cohen's "Hallelujah"